About Me


My name is Sudarat Kotmatcha and I´m a certified Soul Realignment practitioner and Reiki Healer level 1 and 2. 

I am essentially a software engineer.  My journey started with a so called, spiritual awakening early 2017 and that made me realize that there is more than what meet the eyes.  I´m grateful where I have been and still in and for all my previous experiences which makes me who I am today. Despite all that there are a part of me that longs for something that is heart based and needs to be expressed. I have been on a path of searching, wanting to know what feels right for me, learning several healing modalities, working on my own personal development.  I started to learn Soul Realignment for my own purpose. It gave me information what I can do in my psychical life to make a change, but realize quite soon that I can help people to find their true self through Soul Realignment. The thought of being a channel for people who is ready and open up for changes, whatever it might be.  or to come back to their own true self, gives me a feeling of peace and joy in my heart. So here I am, saying yes to what I feel is right for me and still on my own journey.  This has been a drive force for me starting Ayantam Soul Work. 

If this resonates with you,  wanting more information or just connect with me, please contact me at: 


With love and gratitude