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Let go of judging others

Since my awakening, 2017, I have started to realize the importance of making my decisions based on my heart and not from the outside circumstances, especially in my private life. We have always been taught and believed to make a choice based on head but not heart. I have turned that around. Some choices might not sound logical in other people´s perspective but at least I made it from the right place.

When someone misjudged you, know that it comes from their own blockages, their own preconceptions or experiences. Let go of the need to judge back. Be humble, send love, because you don´t know what they have been going through in their lives to make them make that judgement call.

But with that said, set your own boundaries. When you are misjudged or mistreated to the point that you are not feeling good about yourself, know your worth and walk away. Send love and be humble.

Instead of making a judgment back. Look within, what is it in you that caused that to happen? Work on yourself. I know it can be hard. It´s a work in progress. At least starting with the awareness is a good first step. Wouldn´t it be wonderful living your life in a loving and caring space, your home, your environments, your surroundings. It starts with You.

Be authentic, Be You but let go of judging others….

With love and gratitude


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