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What is Soul Realignment and why do I need it?

Soul Realignment gathers information from the Akashic Records to unlock our Soul-level potential and clear negative karmic patterns held at Soul-level.

It´s about gathering information about your Divine gifs and living your soul´s identity based on the gifts you have, to experience and living your true self in your everyday life and doing the practical choices that are aligned with who you are. It´s about manifesting abilities to create a life you want

It’s about gathering information of your own manifesting abilities as you create the life you want, based on your Divine Gifts and who you are, at Soul-level.

Soul Realignment is for  your if your for example: 

  • You notice repeating patterns in your life.

  • You feel stuck in your life in one way or another.

  • You are on your personal development or a spiritual seeker.

  • You want to follow your true desires in life but feel stuck in your comfort zone and wish to have a roadmap to make inspired choices in your life.

What can you get out of the Soul Realignment session?

  • A profound understanding of you who are and how you are designed to operate.

  • An AHA moment why you have might have made some choices in life that makes you feel stuck.

  • Taking control of you own life.

  • Remove karmic patterns and finding the path of 'least resistance' in your life and career. 

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Soul Profile reading

EUR 150

The reading is part of Soul Realignment session. 

In this reading I read  information about your primary energy your soul consists of, which tells what you are supposed  to express yourself in life. By knowing who you are on a soul level and live in alignment with it, we create flow and abundance in our lives. In the lack of expressing yourself on soul level, it can create scarcity on different areas in your life, for ex, lack of money, unhealthy relationship etc.  

This reading is  part of Soul Realignment reading but does not include the karmic patterns, blockages reading and the clearing. If you want the that pls book a Soul Realignment session instead. 

The information can help you to see if you are on the right path or you need to do some adjustments  expressing through your true self. 

You will get all practical information once you book your session. 


  • My preparatory work

  • 30 min video session via zoom call

  • Recorded session

Soul profile reading for children

EUR 150

In this reading I read  information about primary energy, the energic center,  their gifts and characteristics, for your child. By knowing their origin of the soul, can be a great tool to understand, support and guiding  them living in alignment in their creative energy and living their full potential. 

This service is also a part of Soul Realignment reading but DOES NOT include the blockages, karmic pattern reading and the clearing.

It´s for children up to 14 years old. 

You will get all practical information once you book a session. 

The service Includes:

  • My preparatory work

  • 30-50 min video session via zoom call

  • Recorded session​

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Soul Realignment

EUR 250

This session includes

Soul Profile Reading

The session includes also reading karmic patterns, blockages that still affects your current decision making in your physical  life that can block you from living you full potential and energy clearing where blockages are released

The information can help you to see if you are on the right path or you need to do some adjustments  expressing through your true self. 


  •  My preparatory work

  • 45-60 min video session via zoom call

  •  Recorded session

Distance Reiki Healing

EUR 60

Reiki has positive physical and mental effects, for example:

- relaxation, emotional calm

- better sleep

- headaches

- Stress and psychical tensions  

When you book a distance Reiki session, I will contact you via a phone/zoom call when you time is started, to give you and instruction about your session. 

Ensure you are in a calm and private space to help you being more relaxed during the session. 

After completed session I will call you back again to talk about the experience for you during the session. 

The total session time will be around 50 min where 30 min is a treatment  time whereby 10 min phone calls before and

after session are included. 

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